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Support for Pipelines in Intelligent PID Workflow

Add support to import Pipeline and other linear asset tags and drawing graphics for aggregation and reporting. Record the relationship between Pipeline and inline tagged items that would assist in creating Material Take Off Reports. Requested by m...
ACME DemoUser 9 days ago in Acquisition 0 Needs review

Issue Form Renderer doesn't include all side nav features

User noted that the Issue Resolution Service (based on Forms Service) is not deployed consistently across products. PlantSight includes the tab for "View Project Documents" and "View Related Forms and Issues" whereas in PDF Service, those two tabs...
Beth Buerger 18 days ago in Data Management 0 Reviewed

2 points cross-section

iTwin review has 2 points cross-section feature which is useful for users to seee comprehensive section like 2D drawings. Not sure why this is not available in PlantSight.
Ohsung Kwan 9 months ago in Visualization 0

Improve error message display on form save errors

All form save errors result in the same user-facing error message "error occurred while saving". It would be very helpful if the user could mouse over that message or click on it to see the error details. These details would facilitate support in ...
Sarah Albee 8 months ago in  0 Needs review

Version comparison for OPPID drawings

At Wood, we need the ability to track the changes in OPPID drawings. Currently Version comparison is not supported for 2d drawings.
Harpreet Singh 8 months ago in Visualization 0 Planned

Prompt User to Delete Component from EDM

When working in OpenPlant Modeler and OpenPlant PID - user places a component in PID and the same component in Modeler. Both are synced /updated to PlantSight. Later it is determined the component needs to be replaced with a component of a differe...
Tony DeRosa 6 months ago in Data Management 0 Planned